Krakow, Poland

Chalk drawings covered my building

chalk people, Krakow, Poland

chalk people, Krakow, Poland

swoon the layers...ground...fine drawing..then bold punch

then bold punch



buffer - walls

buffer - walls

2011 - 2010 : Lunar New Year

2011 - 2010 : Lunar New Year

Amazing Sculptures Made From Recyced Plastic 5

Aurora Robson Sculptures and installations made from recycled materials

Niels Meulman, artiste graffeur son seau d’eau, son balai.

While continuing his Calligraffiti Upside Down Tour 2012 , Dutch artist Niels 'Shoe' Meulman once again demonstrated his amazing talent as a calligrapher by creating a temporary graffiti on the streets of Singapore using a simple broom and water.


I want in my gate house.

Photograph by nellyb  Idea to frame out a cracked section of street or sidewalk & wse as inspiration for print, collage, etc

Shapes, Xs, and lines.

Lunar New Year in Jersey City, USA, 2014

LNY street art in Chelseap LNY, Nanook and Taeyoon Transform Exterior of Chelsea’s Eyebeam

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station’s-hidden-subway-station/

The Underbelly Project -- A Secret Art Gallery Beneath the Streets Skull

Street art in Paris.

man riding bicycle to the stars

I love graffiti!!!

It’s no surprise the city is home to one of the largest street art collections in the world: 5 Pointz.

Marcus Jansen

MARCUS JANSEN creeping obstacles in kansas, oil enamel mixed media on canvas

Escif, Inspiration, Valencia

Street art from around the world