artisticmoods:  Love is a Tango, by Catrin Welz-Stein.

Love is a Tango by Catrin Welz-Stein in Surreal on .the art of catrin welz-stein I love this

Agua Salada - 01 by ~llovet on deviantART

Agua Salada (Salt Water) Ultra short chapter from a comic I started a bit ago. I don't think I'll continue it, but who knows.

How does the addition of floral print to this scene transform the mood? by Guy Catling.  (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media )

black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling. (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media ) (What if the helmets reflected the personalities of the soldiers)

Oh Jen, I can admit how fucking jealous I am of your life, and at the same time, dammit do I respect your appreciation for food.   #dreamgirlsgottalent

Jennifer Lawrence, a piece of art.

image of Jennifer Lawrence, I want to make a series of black and white family portraits with floral collage added

Some experiments we made with @lachataigne  on a flatbed scanner, try this at home!

Some experiments with a flatbed scanner with Potet Potet Chataigner Glitch experimental photography poster

The use of collage here is really nice. Taking a small object like an orange and putting it in the place of something huge, like the sun, makes this world seem small. There is a nice sense of foreground, middle ground, and background that draws the viewer through the image.

surrealism + collages = 🌞💖 would love to create something like this Collage Collective Co —

Dominique Fortin - autoportrait à l'oiseau

Dominique Fortin - Born in Montreal in 1974 - The study of human beings in a contemporary context while having a spirit towards romanticism".