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Karen on Craig Ferguson - he cracks me up so bad. :D

Karen on Craig Ferguson // I love that he implied Matt is weak and not that Karen is fat. Since that is the way things normally go.


Captain Jack, Rory Williams, and Clara Oswin Oswald all walk into a bar. they all die. Captain Jack walks out of the bar. Clara Oswin Oswalk walks into a different bar. Rory Williams appears in a bar in the past.


The internet will always have proof of the day the Doctor checked out Sherlock.<---I love the internet

You now have the signatures of all 12 Doctors. 》oops there's a new sheriff in town. And guess what? IT'S A GIRLLLL! ><

because everyone needs their board signed by all of the doctors. Well they do have doctors handwriting ;

Not even once...

Every series of Doctor Who has that one episode we never discuss.but that episode does have some really good quotes<<<<"YOU SAID BLUE" "I SAID NOT BLUE" => This was such a weird episode<-- yeah

That's How.

That's How.

best thing I have ever seen. literally. EVER.

David Tennant and 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' T-shirt - Billie Piper bought this T-shirt for David Tennant when they started filming Doctor Who together.

Instruction manual.

The TARDIS says RTFM! (read the fucking manual) to the Doctor - a silly headcanon

The DW subtitles are quite sarcastic.

Funny pictures about Doctor Who subtitles. Oh, and cool pics about Doctor Who subtitles. Also, Doctor Who subtitles.

OH MY GOD! ...although, now that I think about it, Rory as a crotchety old man that fills his house with enough balloons to make it float away to fulfill an old promise to Amy? I can totally see it.

How did I not realize this before? Amy and Ellie can't have kids, and they both dreamed of a grand adventure! Carl and Rory, went on the adventure (Amy went with Rory, but still!

The people of Who. They are all so wonderful and talented and all-around awesome. I love you all.

The people of Who. They are all so wonderful and talented and all-around awesome.

Philippians Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

- but am I the only one who thinks he looks like Frosty the snowman in this picture?

Matt Smith at Comic-Con - defending little girls everywhere from weeping angels. awwww so cute!

Rory always asks the logical questions

Always asking the logical questions <--One of the reasons I loved Rory; he always responded to stuff like real people would.<<< Rory would survive Supernatural.

Doctor Who | 5.07 - Amy's Choice -- Behind the Scenes

Arthur Darvill on hitting old ladies with sticks.

Epic University Ad.

This is an ad for the University of East Anglia, Matt Smith's alma mater. Now THAT is some brilliantly clever advertising. (via Doctor Who And The Tardis By Craig Hurle)