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Just waking up and yawning

Secret Service officer arrested in DC on burglary charge, police say

http://9gag.com/gag/aXp6rrP?ref=mobile - some of those animals are supposed to be white. Like the Bengal tiger

Funny pictures about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Also, Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom photos.

very odd photo

There's a wonderful, little place in Japan called Zao Fox Village - a place where you can feed and pet over 100 wild foxes.

Duck Surfing | Perfectly Timed Pics

Duck surfing – This duck knows how to catch the waves. Wonder if he will attend any surfing competitions.

Northern Flicker (male) and chick

Northern Flicker (male) and chick

Dopo un breve incontro su due diverse altezze di un tronco d'albero, due civette, apparentementi incuranti l'uno dell'altro, si accorgono di avere il giusto spazio per prodigarsi in dolci effusioni. E non è finita qui. Perché a quanto pare hanno gradito i bacetti, tanto da essere indot

Gran Bretagna, magiche effusioni sul tronco: il bacio delle civette

Mother and baby: Despite being similar in size the infant (left) can be spotted by its fluffier, lighter feathers