ANCIENT ABBEY, DUMFRIES, SCOTLAND  (also known as sweetheart abbey )

We were in Dumfries! aw Ancient Abbey, Dumfries, Scotland photo via archaic

*Mythical Stone of Scotland...really?  Old Man of Storr - Isle of Skye  #PadreMedium

Supernatural & Mythical Stones of Scotland

Old Man of Storr - Isle of Skye This rock pinnacle is feet and sits proudly on Trotternish Ridge. The first ascent of the rock was in

Ancient Arches - New Abbey, Scotland | Incredible Pictures

Sweetheart Abbey, Scotland photo via danielle (Blue Pueblo)

Ruins of Sweetheart Abbey, south of Dumfries, Scotland (by Gregor Samsa). - Once under the patronage of Archibald Douglas a/k/a "Archibald the Grim" - Archibald coat-of-arms still visible on the arch doorway to the west cloister.

An ancient church and graveyard in the Scottish Highlands. Cille Choirill Vertical View by XY75MQ

Cille Choirill in Scotland can be found off the approx 2 miles east of Roy Bridge. The church / chapel is thought to have originated around and had Catholic connections that go back to the Irish missionary St. Cairell at that time .

~~Stones On Fire!! | Aurora over the ancient Callanish Standing Stones on the beautiful Isle of Lewis, Scotland by Sandie Maciver~~

Aurora Borealis at the Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Ancient power site: The Callanish Stone Ring on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland is a megalithic ruin dating from 3400 BC.

Near Haddington. Yester Castle located in East Lothian, Scotland - with subterranean vaulted Goblin Ha' or "Goblin Hall" - Although mostly ruined, deep within the castle's interior lies the infamous Goblin Hall with one of the oldest surviving Gothic stone arched ceilings in existence, built in 1267 with the aid of Goblins (hence the name) as the result of a satanic pact by the owner, Hugo de Gifford (known as the wizard of Yester) with the Devil.

The Wizard of Yester and the Goblin Hall - A Scottish Castle Built by Goblins

Although mostly ruined, deep within Yester Castle's interior lies the infamous Goblin Hall, with one of the oldest surviving Gothic stone arched ceilings in existence, built in 1267 in the village of Gifford in East Lothian, Scotland.

histoire du kilt

The History of the Kilt. Another fun Infographic from the Highland Store, this one explaining the history of the kilt. Never call it a skirt!

Sir Walter Scott Monument | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sir Walter Scott Monument Edinburgh - a Victorian Gothic monument to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It is the largest monument to a writer in the world. There are 287 steps to the top of the Scott Monument, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views o

Snowy Day, Edinburgh, Scotland

Snowy Day, Edinburgh, Scotland This was not taken by me, but I have stood right in front of this place and admired the architecture. I love coming across pins of places I have been but neglected to get a photo of!