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Thor: Ragnarok is lookin' great! Meme by J. E. Miller

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It isn't a holiday season without a traditional family viewing of Elf, because not only does Buddy the Elf reflect the spirit of Christmas, but he also

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Better than nothing, right

Marvel and thor image

Thor Odinson, Bruce banner, marvel, mcu, avengers<-- this is the most brilliant thing ever


Team Cap is secretly in a band and Bucky is surprisingly a terrific singer<<<accurate of the cast as well as funny<---One Direction who? I only listen to real bands, like Team Cap

I don’t think he’s doing it all on purpose I think that he’s doing it to save Thor, to redeem himself, and then to fool Thanos and try to stop him.


Original Avengers compared to the movie posters

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For the guys who didn& noticed this Without the Soul stone Heimdall is as good as blind or dead

The look on chris Hemsworths face makes me think this is an adlib.

He has a look that says let me out of this chair and you’ll hear the damn thunder when I punch your face into the next realm!

How the Avengers met their girlfriends

how the avengers met their girlfriends. then there's Thor. Is Cap talking about Peggy or Bucky?

Thor and Odin's faces at the end xD

Fan comic of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor was confused about the fact that how similar that Loki and Hela are. The horns, the act, the hair. Don't be sad, Thor Odinson, at least you got the crown.

I love his new look it's not the original comic book Thor but the new cool MCU Thor

This movie is so underrated

We all go to start somewhere

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