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Two old barns covered in snow and so amazingly beautiful! I had to look twice to appreciate the setting this awesome scene provides!

Church in the snow, near Lake Tahoe, California

White Christmas, Church in the snow, near Lake Tahoe, California.one of my most favorite places in the world!

I can't believe the amount of snow. It's funny, here in Memphis people freak out if they even hear the word snow..too funny.

🎵Gone away, is a blue bird. Here to stay, is a new bird. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland 🎵

Covered bridge and steeple

Vermont, covered bridge, The snow covered Village or Church Street Covered Bridge, circa is decorated for the Christmas holidays with greens and a red bow. A New England style church stands in the background in Waterville.


I took a long drive out into the county and I had to pull over and shoot this place. I really loved how the fence seemed to be the divider of Spring Flowers and Winter rain flooded fields.

Sweden 2013 (by MaritaToftgard) by tiquis-miquis

"Winter" by Marita Toftgard. Still cold winter in Sweden,March The snow and ice clad bridge over the frozen river. But this season is different, no snow!

Cold morning on the farm.

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