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Oh my. Oh my gad. Can't stop laughing. Lorde of the Rings. <<-- I don't even watch lord of the rings but I've been laughing for a solid minute now!

The thing is.I saw this before I watched Sherlock and I didn't think it was funny. Now I've come across it again after I've seen all of Sherlock and I am dying right now, that's totally what happened.<<I haven't seen Sherlock and still find it funny.


Funny pictures about If you ever feel unattractive. Oh, and cool pics about If you ever feel unattractive. Also, If you ever feel unattractive.

Best way to stop people from arguing. "I will take the ring to Mordor!" And best teacher ever

Best Way to Stop People Fighting

How I love bringing LOTR into every day life! I will take the ring to Mordor!

We need this 1950's Zombie Game

Funny pictures about I would totally play this game. Oh, and cool pics about I would totally play this game. Also, I would totally play this game.

Trust me. The movies become very interesting if you just watch Orlando Bloom's expressions.

Now I Need To Rewatch The Entire Series

Wait, you have to watch the movies AGAIN to focus on Legolas/Orlando Bloom? I need to re-watch them for everyone but Orlando Bloom and Martin Freeman. I'm pretty sure my husband couldn't have convinced me to watch them without those 2 actors.

Harry and Draco as girls... well, Draco as a ghetto girl. hehehe!

Draquesha from the hood. if Draco and Harry were girls Harriet would've sectumsempra'd Draquesha and meant it.

Just like his father..... So many people will not get this hahahahha. I just died laughing XD

Just like his father

Omg Soccer

i can't kick a ball to save my life, but i sure get kicks out of soccer humor, so close enough, right?

Merry-confused awe; Frodo-confused awe; Sam-confused awe; Pippin-finally I'm getting the respect i deserve from these peasants

The lord of the Ring - "You bow to no one">>I'm like sure pippin was high for a good portion of lotr