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haha so true . some day I'll live where it's summer everyday!

I would just like to point this out. Initially I thought this concept was actually not a bad idea- to make sure you live your life to the fullest, not wasting your days. But when it's used to go get drunk, sleep around, and yeah, basically make an ass of yourself, I can't respect it.

Funny pictures about The concept of You Only Live Once. Oh, and cool pics about The concept of You Only Live Once. Also, The concept of You Only Live Once photos.

love the coloured jandals. I have them in every colour from old navy. this pic definately describes summer!

The word summer written in sand with selection of flip flops ....

The winner's circle, Chaco : D

I cant wait to get back my chaco tan :) yes. chaco tan lines are pretty. I LOVE m chacos.

Summertime - Life Guard Only

The Beach, Life Guard Only yeah during the day,but at night! what a place to make-out.