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F5 tornado Elie Manitoba 2007: F0 light damage 73 mph -- F1 moderate damage 73-112 mph -- F2 considerable damage 113-157mph -- F3 sever damage 158-206mph -- F4 devastating damage 207-260mph -- F5 Incredible damage 261-318mph

Severe Storm Warning: Tornadoes

Canada’s Strongest Tornado Ever Photograph by Justin Hobson The Elie, Manitoba Tornado was an tornado that struck the town of Elie, Manitoba, Canada, kilometres mi) west of Winnipeg) on June 2007

Lightning storm

Mike Hollingshead from Nebraska is a professional storm chaser. His photographs of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightnings, unusual clouds and Photos of Weather Phenomena Image Gallery

West Liberty Tornado And this is what the West Liberty tornado looked like from the ground. Image credit: Kent Nickell

West Liberty Tornado And this is what the West Liberty, KY tornado looked like from the ground.

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Near the beginning of the book, there was a storm. This storm caused their boat to be wrecked onto this island. The storm was so bad, the kids could not find any remnants of it. Count Olaf decided to go straight into the storm.