Jaguar eating on a tree branch. This is some majestic sh*t right here

El leopardo es un mamífero carnívoro de la familia de los félidos. Como los otros tres grandes felinos del género Panthera, el león, el tigre y el jaguar, están caracterizados por una modificación en el hueso hioides que les permite rugir.

The Angry Cheetah by Mohamed Hakem------this isnt a cheetah. Hopefully Mohamed knows its leopard.

This reminds me of how I feel when I skip too many meals or when I have to listen to ignorant people. Don't mess w me. Lol!

These eyes remind me of the eyes of Dr. They're very intimidating to many people and they symbolize the eyes of God. always watching you.

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Lion family portrait It's like dad is saying "I don't want to say smile"

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Gorgeous leopard in the spotlight, by Expedition Leader & Wildlife Photographer, Marius Coetzee based in Durban, South Africa. He is also a Co-Founder of Oryx – Worldwide Photographic Expeditions

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FIERCE--inspiration for tattoo. A tiger tattoo that I would want to have on my index finger.

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35 Increíbles Imágenes De Animales Salvajes En Su Hábitat Natural

Ocelot cat is an exotic wild cat with its origins in South America, although these cats can be found even in states like Texas. Ocelot cats are.

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50 Maravillosas imágenes que capturan momentos extraordinarios de la vida salvaje

Uma tartaruga verde descansa um pouco, no fundo do mar, durante a migração / A green turtle resting a bit on the seafloor, during migration / Une tortue verte se repose un peu sur le fond marin lors de la migration