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Toddler /Preschool Activities, Games, Crafts, Fun. Learn and have fun at the same time. :)   Fan Favorites are:   -Toddler Skeeball  -Send a Hug in the Mail  -MarkerBox Game  -12 Toddler Activities to do with Dad!  -Zippy Sponge Painting  -Toddler Grocery List  -Alphabet Bugs   -Hi-Five Felt Color Handprints  -Shapes Hunt  -Big Numbers to learn Phone Number  -Alphabet Cars  -Roll Big Dice  -Make a Potty Train!  -Cute Crayon Canvas Craft  -Easy Tree Painting  -...and more!

Toddler Toddler activities games crafts- Jennifer has enjoyed doing crafts, painting, drawing with her son and has shared her creative ideas with others on her website.

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toddler activity, coloring a big box, entertainment for kids, activities for 2 year olds! Kids LOVE big boxes for forts!

Toddler Approved!: ABCs of Toddler Activities Links to her actual pages.

ABCs of Toddler Activities

that I am about to share are mostly not my own.  I have perused many a blog post looking

Life as we know it: toddler activity ideas. will need this when i babysit my baby cousins:)

Some toddler activities for inspiration! 50 sensory activities, arts and crafts, material explorations and other toddler activities!

What can I do with my toddler?

For Bee and Bella. Best Kids Activities of 2012 - 50 Toddler Activities! Come share your best activities from the year too!

89 indoor activities to keep your kids from bouncing off the walls | artful parent

89 Indoor Activities for Kids – Creative Fun All Year Long!

89 Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids from Bouncing off the Walls this Winter -- A list to keep handy! (Any tips or activities to add?) - Kiddos at Home

19 Engaging Activities for 1 Year Olds


35 Activities for 18 month old and under

Simple Activities for 18-month-olds and younger

Using masking tape, place long strip of tape on the fridge door, table top, sliding glass door or a window that is within your toddler's reach.  Criss cross the strips of tape until you have about 5 strips stuck to the surface.  Demonstrate to your child how to use their finger/nail to pick at the tape and pull it off.  This is a challenge to the younger toddler, and is great exercise for the fine motor skill of using the fingers.

Not that I'm a stay at home mom but these are great ideas! The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Toddler Activities - peeling tape off the table (or fridge) develops fine motor skills (lots of ideas here)

Activities for 18 to 24 Months toddlers, a great collection of home made activities and other suggestions.

Fun Simple DO-ABLE Activities for 18 to 24 Month Old Toddlers

50 helpful potty training tips from Parent's Magazine will give you lots of helpful tips.

50 Potty Training Tips from Real Moms

50 Potty Training Tips from Real Moms--these are tried and tested tips from our own readers who are experienced Moms!

Potty training at 18 months with lots of tips and details on potty training readiness -- even for a toddler!

Potty Training at 18 Months: How I Potty-Trained my 18 Month Old

Getting ready! How to Potty-Train an Old in 1 Week. Good tips to help motivate a stubborn kiddo. this would work well for my dream to have E potty trained by the time she's two haha

70+ Crafts & Activities for BOYS! from Little Family Fun

Over 70 fun and easy crafts & activities that little Boys will love! (And Girls might love them too!) the animal tracks painting looks fun, and the clothespin airplane

a grocery list for Kiley! This would be a fun activity for her in the grocery store!

Toddler Grocery List Take it with you to the store and while your toddler is strapped in the cart, give him a crayon and his toddler grocery list and tell him to keep an eye out for all the things you need. It will occupy him and keep everyone happy!

20 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer Long!

20 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer Long!

Indoor activities are a must when you're stuck inside! These are 10 easy activities to do with toddlers for those days you're stuck indoors.

Stuck Inside with Rain? 10 Indoor Toddler Activities to Still Have Fun!

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers - great list for the winter when we're stuck indoors.or just when we're stuck indoors :)