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I'll come back. Not now, not often, but I will come back.

Image Writing Prompt #15

Writing Prompt ‘I’m leaving, I can’t bare the reminder of you being swept away but I’ll never forget and I promise to visit.

She was sent to destroy me. She has backfired and is willing to help me take you down. She's my weapon now.

Pretty sure I have this story idea or at least one very similar to it collecting dust in the depths of my computer/notebooks somewhere

What if Hell was actually really difficult to get into? What if the only way to do so was by making the devil himself take a shine to you and invite you in? What happens to all the other people, not allowed into heaven and not wanted by Hell? Where do they go?

"Go to hell." She spat darkly. Devil didn't quite like me and spat me right back out.

I could do a lot with this, but I feel it would basically be a "This book is just like the Book Thief and that's it." conundrum.

Tell me your stories Death; / Tell me of the brave ones / Tell me of the lost / Tell your stories Death / I am listening.