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Battle Of The “Dads” LOL my dad better not ever do this... it actually might be pretty funny though... dad go ahead and text away! ;P

Funny pictures about When parents text. Oh, and cool pics about When parents text. Also, When parents text.

I'm am pretty sure variations of this convo have taken place on my phone on more than one occasion... We all secretly know  we and our friends are hilarious ;)

Love all our random funny texts that end with "and that is why you are my my best friend!" This would be funny to do with my best friend!

Yep. That's how my dad would do it.

Page 7 - Awkward Parents - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED--> ok so I just watched a ton of DanIsnotonfire videos and I read the sarcastic part in Dan's voice.

Relationships - Ryan<33Hey babe, wanna play the 'Pick the Lie Game'? sure..2 truths and 1 lie right?yepp..here we go..  1. I hate bacon  2. I'm pregnant, and youre the dad  3. youre telling my parents about thisI'm guessing 2 is the lie(;nope, the lie is 1..have fun telling my parents babe. xoxoHOW CAN YOU HATE BACON?!..

Number one is a lie so thus the message is incorrect. If it was a truth is would mean she hate bacon but it is a lie so she acually likes bacon. With the last text it says why do u hate bacon! Well she doesn't cause that was a lie.

Love that dad

Sweetie this is your Father // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

classic! lol! ^_^    Texts From Mom - FB Troublemakers

Funny pictures about Texts from mom and dad. Oh, and cool pics about Texts from mom and dad. Also, Texts from mom and dad.