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cards against humanity - Sherlock // sweet Mary Morstan XD

How the fandom reacted to Sherlock 'The empty hearse'. This is literally the funniest thing ever. I love this fandom.

12 traits of a true BBC Sherlock fan--True. Every single one of them. Check! // Altogether mostly true.

12 Traits Of A True "Sherlock" Fan

12 traits of a true BBC Sherlock fan--Based on this, I barely have the nerve, THE GALL, to call myself a Sherlockian.

Benedict Cumberbatch - NTA Awards Winner Best TV Detective

National Television Award winner for Best TV Detective is Benedict Cumberbatch! As usual, he wins a trophy AND the Internet.

Sherlock Series promo! Oh my! Damn you and your teasing ways BBC!

Sherlock Series 4 Promo "My Dear Watson". WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAAT! I can't even handle these promos! I need Sherlock now! <<<---- I can't watch it right now but In pinning it so I can!

Khan vs Sherlock<---both Both is good.<---- lol no just look at sherlocks hair. It's sherlock.

The CUTEST Sherlock/Moriarty vid EVER! Featuring the gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch & Andrew Scott

So, in fact, Sherlock & Moriarty were lovers 10 years earlier. And obviously, something happened and they broke up. But now that Sherlock found a new