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Oh my.

Ignore the stupid song rip-off. Look at that eyebrow. I adore that eyebrow. Second best eyebrow in the business, that eyebrow.

How to write in galifreyan. If ever the nerdiness  takes over the whole entire all of me brain.  As opposed to just taking over the usual 97%.

How to write in galifreyan

.... Words cannot describe how happy this makes me... I don't really know why... It just does.

David, Billie, and Noel on set for David's first episode. This is seriously the most adorable thing ever. Their faces are so cute!

Ten - One moment so carefree and happy, the next so intense.

David Tennant Photo Of The Day - March As the Tenth Doctor in 'The Fires Of Pompeii' - April 2008

Waiting for a Mad man in a blue box | mad man with a blue box #doctor who #tardis #truth #nerd #fangirl

I'm waiting for mad man.A fast man I'm waiting for a blue box .A box that can take me away. I'm waiting. Waiting for a mad man with a blue box. Im waiting for the Doctor and his tardis I'm done waiting.

David Tennant & Cats

David Tennant & Cats -You can't touch this kitty, this kitty is undes my protection.

Haha, stupid Mickey. >>> Why would you think of Adam as a companion before Mickey? Adam was a companion to Nine for, what?, two episodes? Mickey was companion to Nine and Ten and not just for one journey! Eesh...<< we don't talk about Adam. But we love our Mickey.

Little River and Rory sleeping on Eleven's shoulder and adorable Rose and Jack and Donna and Martha and Amy and Clara and agh<< Awww! Poor Mickey the Idiot!