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Matthew Stone 'The Body Beyond'

Like: The cursive font and how it has such a random feel to it, in contrast the the plan san serif font.

Mike is a square peg in a round hole. At school he is aloof, disconnected. At home, he has an alcoholic mother and a cheating father.  Mike's crazy about Tatiana, but he and Tschick – the new Russian kid who sometimes turns up reeking of booze -don't get invited to her party. Tschick insists they drive to her house anyway in the Lada Tschick sometimes uses, borrowing it from the street but always bringing it back. Until now. Until the road trip. The strange people they meet, the places they…

Best Designed Young Adult Book Why We Took the Car Designer Allison Colpoys Publisher Scribe Publications

Alice Bowsher

I like this book cover because of the playful font. I also think that it has a strong type hierarchy using on the text size and placement on the page alone.

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19 Beautiful Book Cover Designs

A list of 19 examples of beautiful book cover design for graphic and Web designers.

The Woman Who Read Too Much by Bahiyyih Nakhjavani; design by Anne Jordan (Stanford University Press / April 2015)

Book Covers of Note April 2015

The Woman Who Read Too Much.A Persian poetess clashes against old-world gender expectations, religious orthodoxy, and politics in this exquisite tale, based on the actual life of poet and theologian Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn.

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At the Bottom of Everything by Ben Dolnick [A stunning novel of friendship, guilt, and madness: two friends, torn apart by a terrible secret, and the dark adventure that neither of them could have ever conceived.