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Ray Villafane uses clay carving tools to create these incredible carved pumpkin faces. Ray, a former high school art teacher, began his pumpkin art when he

pumpkin expertly carved with to look like exposed muscle from the 2015 This Old House Pumpkin Carving Contest

2015 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

"We have an annual neighborhood pumpkin-lighting contest. Our Hootie and the Blowfish was a big hit! We used an owl template with normal pumpkin-carving tools and hot-glued hundreds of candy corn to make the blowfish., Bucyrus, OH

How to carve, skin, gut, and polish a Halloween pumpkin

How to carve, skin, gut, and polish a Halloween pumpkin. really good tips and tool info here

The art of pumpkin carving - these are amazing

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

With this post we want to show you some amazing ideas for this Halloween season. All featured below art work were created by sculptor Ray Villafane, who uses

crazy eyes.

“ Amazing Halloween Carving Pumpkins by Villafane Studio Halloween is the perfect moment to present the incredibly imaginative pumpkins sculpted by Villafane Studio.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Template: Smiley Face

Here& a Smiley Face pumpkin carving stencil to put you in a scary mood. This printable Halloween pumpkin carving stencil will put a fright into trick or treat visitors or smiles on your costume party guests.