Ornate Paper Sculptures by Helen Musselwhite

Paper sculptor Helen Musselwhite was named overall winner at the V&A Illustration Awards last night for Ten Myths of Creativity series, illustrating an article by author Audrey Niffenegger.


Delicate Pressed Fern Leaves Illustrations

Tontine Masks | The World Through Wooden Eyes

Tontine Masks | The World Through Wooden Eyes

Ainda não ouviu falar do Tactile Design? É um projeto artesanal que envolve técnicas como recorte, colagens e costura misturando materiais e até estampas.

Conheça e inspire-se com o Tactile Design

Shotopop is a multidisciplinary design studio based in London with a portfolio that includes a series of fantastic artworks made of paper. More paper artworks Visit their website

Ilustración en papel recortado con BOMBOLAND

Bomboland is the work of Italian illustrator Maurizio Santucci who has developed a very interesting dimensional style.

Nokia wallpaper 2 by Bomboland , via Behance - color/childlike/cutout/story

Bomboland - Nokia 2012 Wallpaper for Nokia devices based upon the theme of Live Adventure Everywhere.

adam frezza & terri chiao - paper plants

adam frezza & terri chiao - The Jealous Curator lesson- paper mâché sculptures, abstract, color, pattern, form I don't know what level to try these on.

Boar Mask - cardboard sculpture by Jacqui Oakley                                                                                                                                                      More

The Boar - cardboard mask

Owl and Beaver Totem pole by Megan Brain found via My Owl Barn - This totem-pole like sculpture was made with paper.

Northwest American Indian Totem Project by Megan Brain: May 2011

Helen Musselwhite - National Theatre | Handsome Frank Illustration Agency

Helen’s skill at the laborious art of paper engineering is second to none.