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Inspirational Quotes on Tragedy Sometimes in tragedy, we find our life's purpose.

As knee arthritis progresses there will be certain activities that become more difficult to accomplish. The pain may come and go and "some days will be better than others"

Lifestyle Changes: How your activities may need to change

Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis /Chronic Illness - today was a feel good day but yesterday death would have been welcomed with open arms. It's different every single day

``Love Little Boys, I'm being bless with being able to know the LOVE of Motherhood, Because of My Youngest Nephew Abraham, Tita Loves you like a Mom, Thank You God For the Gift of His Birth` `You are my little piece of Heaven``

Mothers of little boys work from son up till son down.ain't that the truth!

If we arnt helping others or self improving to be the best person we can, then what are we fighting for.. #bethechange - @sageerickson- #webstagram

Last year I was a totally completely person. I am happy with where I am now in my life. Having people who truly care about me means more than words. I am stronger now then I was last year.

and I know they are praying for us! Love that they are there for us and would never try to hurt us!

Always pray for your family, friends and your enemies because you never know when people will switch sides, and we are ALL God's children.

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No One Will Ever Be Entertained By Us As Us sister sister quotes sister quotes and sayings sister quote images

Miss you forever

No matter how long it's been there are still times when I think of you and suddenly it gets harder to breathe. Then the tears start flowing and I scream out , why Audrey why , God I miss you so much , what happened to my loving caring wife !

This reminded me of a sweet friend who took the leap of faith to quit her job so she could focus on full-time nursing school. So glad to have her by my side thru this process.

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith" -Margaret Shepard