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Nineteen Years Later

The Weasley-Potter cousins made a bet with Scorpius and Rose that they would eventually get together, despite their heavy denial. On the day of their wedding, each cousin found themselves a few.

That would be so embarrassing. If my father did that and won I would die of mortification!

Bella and Al as well as Bella and Scorp were shipped. There was a Wotter-Malfoy-Black-Snape-Longbottom-Lupin bet on it. The Snapes won big on Bellaus in fifth year on the 23 of December in Spain, with everyone watching in all the families.

Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions

Teddy and Victoire started dating when Teddy was 15 and Victoire was They broke up three times, but they always got back together. In the end, they got married by The Burrow at the respective ages of 23 and

I ship Lily and Lysander and I think Lily's best friends are Lucy and Dominique. The problem is I dont know if I ship Lucy and Lorcan or Dominique and Lorcan

I think if Lucy ever does end up married, she would marry Lorcan. There is a two year age difference, which isn't bad.

Everyone always went to Rose for the best advice. ...

Everyone always went to Rose for the best advice. Until she needed advice of her own and had no one

Forever looking out for his baby sister

I love the relationship between Lily and James where she is the most important person in his life and he is super overprotective

Nineteen Years Later

Ron actually had no problem with Rose’s boyfriend Scorpius. He just liked to tease her, he was always supportive. Submitted by: anon.

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Victoire and Dominique fought constantly about almost everything. Despite that Victoire was the loudest fan at Dominique’s games, when Victorie’s heart was broken it was Dominique who consoled her and.