Don’t Mess with the Disney Fandom

FOR DISNEY!<<<<omg<<<is it sad that I once met one of my friend's friend and they hated on Disney and picked up my friends frying pan and I then hit her. I then said "Frying pans, who knew?

"Stop being so stoic, Stoick"

I'm 23 and I teared up in this scene.-----Voldemort teared up at this scene okay?

I love disney people

all the Disney princesses are amazing, strong ladies, and I will fight you if you say otherwise. << You go Jamie. << thank you Jamie.

Peter Pan is DEEP <---- Yeah!! I'm so glad this thread had someone who actually read the book!

Pardon some of the language but this is a very in depth analysis of Peter Pan. Being a lit nerd, It's fascinating! A Little Long But An Interesting Read. I never knew ANY of this!