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FOR DISNEY!<<<<omg<<<is it sad that I once met one of my friend's friend and they hated on Disney and picked up my friends frying pan and I then hit her. I then said "Frying pans, who knew?


I thought I was kind of a "retired" Disney fan and then Frozen came out and all of my Disney-ness just exploded and I can't stop listening to every Disney soundtrack and I've been rewatching the movies and quoting them and pinning them and.


This is the story of how I froze to death // I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN D: I still feel like they need to have a Frozen/Tangled crossover movie. I feel like Anna and Rapunzel would be BFFs, as would Flynn and Kristoph.

"Makes me sad that I don't know a lot of the early ones! Disney is the best!!!"  <--- This statement makes me sad! I feel incredibly old...

Can you name all the Disney Movies?

What if...

Other Pinner: "Some people put too much thought into these kinds of things." Me: Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Omg. The Lion King hyenas are not symbolic of the Third Reich. They were RED during the march. Red = Communist. The movie is pro monarchy. Please.

A lot can happen in one song…

Funny pictures about A lot can happen in one song. Oh, and cool pics about A lot can happen in one song. Also, A lot can happen in one song.

Okay, I want this to be the plot of the sequel.

My dad was disappointed because he thought Anna would have fire powers

Walt Disney and his daughter. So cute.

One of my first liked images. This man had his priorities straight.

This is real quote from Diane Disney Miller, from a 1956 article in The Saturday Evening Post - So Cute!

Totally carrying glitter in my purse if I ever go on a date.......

I'll go up to a guy and be like "all I need in a relationship is faith trust and pixie dust" and wait for his reaction to see if he's acceptable.

Are you kidding me

I knew it was based off The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson and I always found it funny that his name was Hans but I never bothered to put the other parts of his name together AND OH MY GOD

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Things Disney taught me // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Who needs school?