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The End

And that's why I'm in the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fandoms, not the Hunger Games and Divergent

That will b me tbh<<<this is me tbh

Just a bunch of cool Magnus Chase one-shots because my readers wanted… Fanfiction

Poor of my daughter, she'll die of fandom-sickness

The Hunger Games, Divergent, The fault in our stars, Percy Jackson Harry Potter spirit animals Lockwood and co

ALEC and WILL// and ya know HARRY FREAKING POTTER>>>>uhh Percy Jackson????

Daemon Black, Will Herondale, Percy Jackson, Alec Lightwood,Harry Potter and Nico Di Angelo!

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I'm getting a little bit sick of headcannons where annabeth gets bullied, she's really pretty and nice! Why would anyone bully her?<---I agree!

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Demon pod oh demon pox Just how is it acquired? One must go down to the bad part of town Until one is very tired Demon pox oh demon pox I've had it all along- Not the poxs, you foolish blocks, I mean this very song, For I was right and you were wrong!

Already pinned this but it's too funny to not pin again :)

Already pinned this but it's too funny to not pin again :)<<viva la Pluto fuck you!

I actually snorted.... Well, at least my cat is the only witness.

Where can I read this fanfiction, that is beautiful, I am literally crying with laughter

Divergent funny


Can't touch them Divergent. hahahha omg why is this so funny? The fandom has gone insane. Look at what you've done to us Veronica!<<<im laughing way to hard

My kids.

Percy Jackson (Percy and Annabeth) Divergent (Tris and Tobias) Hunger Games (Peeta and Katniss)<<< Me: I'll take what I can get

Hogwarts X Camp Half Blood

Percy Jackson Cam Half - Blodd Camp Jupiter Percy Jackso & The Olympians Percy Jackson i Bogowie Olimpijscy The Heroes of Olympus Olimpijscy Herosi