“And the Pursuit of Happiness” Penguin Press, 2010 “First published as an illustrated, 12-part blog in the New York Times, artist-author Kalman’s wonderfully idiosyncratic meditation on democracy is now available in a single volume. Despite its original episodic publication, the book coheres beautifully in terms of both artistic unity and the careful evolution of its …

Pie *and* Maira Kalman. Very hard to beat. From her marvelous book "And the Pursuit of Happiness"

the principles of uncertainty by maira kalman----------

Animalarium: Maira Kalman - CLYDE

Self portrait with Pete, I assume that many of Animalarium's readers are familiar with Maira Kalman .

Maira Kalman’s Beloved Dogs - The New Yorker

Maira Kalman’s Beloved Dogs

The Love of a Dog - Maira Kalman

Urban dogs, underworld dragons, the unseen Peanuts, and every living person in New York.