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Swedish Dala Horse Scandinavian Bumper Sticker

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The Dala horse is one Sweden's symbol. It is made of carved and painted wood and was originally made by swedish woodcarvers as a toy for the.

Chicago, Illinois

Ornamental statue of horse decorated in the colors of Sweden and located on North Clark Street in the Andersonville area of Chicago, Illinois.

The Dala Horse ( Dalahast) has become an iconic symbol of Sweden. These traditional Dala Horses are loving handmade in Sweden using traditional techiniques from craftsman to make these much loved horses. Much work is involved in creating the Dala Horse

And, of course, we need some NORSE CONTENT! You can tell this horse is Swedish because he is spelled "häst". (A Danish or Norwegian horse is a "hest".

Dala Chalkboard, take two

A famous symbol of the province Dalecarlia (swedish: Dalarna) is the Dalecarlian Horse (swedish: Dalahäst).

white dala horse

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