In many villages in the Netherlands, basic facilities disappear. With Kaleidoskoop (Kaleidoscope), a residential building with care and cultural facilities, .

PHILIPPON KALT Architectes | Entre Deux Rives © Hervé Abbadie

Built by PHILIPPON - KALT Architects in L'Île-Saint-Denis, France with date Images by Hervé Abbadie. The Entre Deux Rives housing project, developed by the agency Philippon-Kalt, announces the start of the new Ile-Sain.

Mitsuhiko Sato Arkitekter - Housing in Shimouma

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Research Center ICTA-ICP · UAB / H Arquitectes + DATAAE / Barcelona

Research Center ICTA-ICP · UAB / H Arquitectes + DATAAE

Built by H Arquitectes,DATAAE in Cerdanyola, Spain with date Images by Adrià Goula . The ICTA-ICP building, located in the UAB Campus (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), is a research centre in environ.