Set me free by Kurt Arrigo

"Set Me Free - Tuna" by Maltese photographer Kurt Arrigo. Retired Japanese Olympic synchronized swimmer Saho Harada dances inside a shoal of tuna two miles off the coast of Malta.

Memorable Dive Adventure | Deepblu

Divers come together to share their best dive memories and dive logs.

I wanna take a picture like this. well technically i want someone else to take a pic of my like this lol

She felt increasingly profound. The darkness attracted her. She felt hands on her body and those pull her deeper into the water.

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Some of the Best Humans Underwater animals Photography | Bored Daddy

In the spotlight: Barracuda encircle daredevil diver Dinah Halstead as intrepid photographr David Doubilet captures the moment in the clear waters of Papua New Guinea

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Rahel Schelb scales a towering iceberg in Iceland, shot under the glowing Northern Lights by photographer Tim Kemple