By overemphasize her ethereal features (porcelain skin, red hair and doll-like features) photographer Sølve Sundsbø creates an alienesque, manga looking character, innocent and yet incredible sensual.

L-campus: Editorial 11

Redhead model Lily Cole lets her fiery hair overtake the sterile milky white surroundings in a dreamy mood concoted by personal fave Solve Sundsbo in this 2005

lily cole

“ belaquadros: “ for-redheads: “ through-the-blue: “Lily Cole” ”

Hiroshi Nonami

Hiroshi Nonami: Photography — Daily Art Fixx - a little art, every day

Victorian hair inspiration and dreamy haze. Zhang Jingna photography #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

Photography & styling: Zhang Jingna Hair: Nicoletta Gauci Makeup: Lindsey Rivera Model: Alli Cripe/Photogenics Photo Assistant: Matthew Chretien Special thanks: Errol Higgins Studio