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Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments...

Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments...

Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments.I would be completely ok with it if I looked like Adele! Joan Rivers looks like a walking advertisement for bad plastic surgery.

This whole post just put all my thoughts into words! Thank you! This is what has been on my mind but I haven't known how to explain it!

(sorry for the crappy editing big things are always hard to put together) you know those things that seem wrong but you don't know why but then you see a post like this and it all makes sense?

Land of the free?

A bit of American history that shows some really shitty things Americans have done. Or should I say "white, cisgendered, Christian, straight males.

And yet the FEMALE pharmacist where I first tried to get my prescription filled looked at me like I was a whore. Needless to say, she and her company did not get my or my insurance company's money.

solanumtoxicity: “ chernobylkinsmen: “ myplannedparenthood: “ emtabet: “ Birth Control 101 by *TomPreston ” So, is this close to the truth now, do you think?

The girl's bathing suits are hilarious!

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

Best advice,but don't eat them... That's cannabilism... That's bad

Best advice

My husband also just finds cooking and baking enjoyable, whereas I see it as a chore.

Men cooking: because our generation of women doesn't know how to. Men cooking: because it's a fairly essential skill and vanishing it should be a woman's job is giving sexist as shit.

you broke something and act like it's the time you saw it when your mom finds it.