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Seriously...ain't got time for anything less!

Are you fucking kidding. :'( (I see you're not the only half-assed one around.to be half-assed right back.

Today I turn 40. I am not old, I am retro. And when I'm 60, I'll be vintage. And when I'm 80, I'll be antique, but never old. ~Lori B. #paNASHstyle #paNASHquotes

To have a sister that you share all your crazy ass Someecards with. She doesn't pass judgement or put put you in a mental institution.

I wouldn't say rumble .. kinda corny ... however .. you keep starting .. one of these days I'm going to be pushed too far and I will end it!

I refuse to back down to bullshit , so if you're going to start you better be fucking ready to rumble.


I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better. This is my life.


Everyone is fighting their own battles. Try not to be a cunt. Hate that word but in this case it's perfect

This is so you! I totally saw this after school today. You are def your mother's son.

I'll never know individuals can fake relationships.I can't even fake a hello to somebody I don't like.

karma is a good judge of character

karma is a good judge of character and since you like to point the finger when you know damn straight you did a shitty thing, we'll let karma be the judge of that

i love this!!

Healing with Humor- Sometimes, the first step towards forgiveness is realizing the other person was born an idiot.

And quite frankly, there is no point in giving someone another shot at shattering everything you are, everything you thought they built you up to be, so just let go. Be free of them, they're not worth the fight

sometimes giving someone a second chance is lie giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time.

Love to.

i love everybody. some people i love to be around, some i love to avoid, and others i'd love to punch in the face.


Nothing like a woman with a brilliant mind & a filthy mouth.well, 1 out of


tough lesson: letting people in.letting people go who hurt you or don't ever show but always request you to.its so important to have good people to trust/rely on in your life that aren't just there to use you❤️

Ain't gonna sugarcoat

No sugar coating. I used to be very good at sugar coating, LOL, but now that I am wiser I just straight tell you how I am feeling.