Mariana Velasquez food styling

impressive because the simplicity works here - would even work as a decoration poster in the kitchen Mariana Velasquez food styling

Wild Strawberries on a Straw//

A guide to celebrating Midsummer, Swedish style (my scandinavian home)

Smultron på strå (Wild Strawberries on a straw) #sweden #wildstrawberries

Smultron på strå Waiting for threading wild strawberries into hay straw with my GrandDaughters: Isabella and Rosalina this summer

Ideal para el estómago

I love papaya

For a healthy snack indulge in papaya. This fruit is packed with powerful antioxidants that help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.

chefs talk

From the most diverse ingredients, Chef Yann Bernard Lejard creates exquisite food compositions while using a plate as his canvas.

maybe I should do this birdbath thing...I always forget to change the water anyway and it starts growing green stuff.  :P

miniature garden in a concrete birdbath - the stone mushrooms and little snail decoration are perfect. What a perfect little fairy hut, complete with sparkles! from BHG - fairy gardens and minis

Dietlind Wolf. May 2013 Issue - Flowers taped to green-hued paper

May 2013 Issue Photos

May 2013 Issue - Flowers taped to green-hued paper ~ETS