The Famous "Christmas Moss" Aquascape

fish tank ideas Where to pin? Animals, because it's fish? Plants because, look at that tree? Home design because fish tanks are a design element?

Aquariums sculpted into living pieces of art that look like microcosms of a much larger space by aquarium artist, Takashi Amano.

Inspiring aquarium

lissanbunny: “ Went to an aquarium in Finland called Sealife.

Whisper of the Pines

100 Aquascape Ideas

Absolutely stunning and amazing . exactly like a miniature forest and mountain landscape under water .

Astounding 100 Aquascape Ideas For a diverse and more successful aquarium, various different kinds of plants ought to be used. Inside this case always elect for plastic plants or you could say artificial plants that are available in a range to pick from. For this reason, you need to put them under plants that are taller. In case you are growing high maintenance plants you might want to think about an aquatic soil or clay.

100 Aquascape Ideas

Zen and the art of fish tank maintenance: 'Aquascapers' herald the end for treasures chests and shipwrecks with arty installations

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Progression of Terraces in a nano tank! I love the look of this:) I would most likely make this a shrimp tank!


Germany 2011 "Art of the planted tank" Landscaping plants Competition Results - Swamp House cylinder

Aquascapes Aquarium

Interesting Aquascaping Design With Sea Plants And Branch Tree a part of Adorable Aquascaping Design Ideas With Red Green Plants And Sea Sand under Decorations