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I've just wasted half my year.

I didn't realize my birthday is literally the middle of the year. Another reason to be depressed this year :(

Next time I get a pizza, I'm doing this. Haha! Still a better love story than twilight.

Funny pictures about In love with a pizza guy. Oh, and cool pics about In love with a pizza guy. Also, In love with a pizza guy.

jee tumblr is getting deep... follow me on tumblr @mimzayycupcake.tumblr.com/

Maybe because tv shows are ON the air and movies are IN the theater?

I literally just saw Harry Potter get the Cloak of Invisibility

This person who is both anti-feminist and an atheist. I love this person. Thank you anti-feminist and atheist.

One of my ancestors immigrated to the U.S. during the Great Potato Famine and whenever I tell people they're like, "WTF is the Great Potato Famine."

IM IRISH AND I FIND THIS HILARIOUS << Ok so we were in history and this kid was talking so my teacher asked him a question and he goes ".the potato famine? We were talking about the revolutionary war 😄

This is one of the best posts ever

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This is epic! She should go to her house the next day and scare the living daylights outta that girl!! Hahahaha

Funny pictures about I am pretending that I am dead? Oh, and cool pics about I am pretending that I am dead? Also, I am pretending that I am dead?

If Only The Titanic Did That

If Only The Titanic Did That

This is funny, but I believe his point is that the people building the ark were doing something new to them

Ed. It's OK. I love Rupert Grint, too

I love you Ron…

i can see clearly now lorraine is gone

My dogs name is Lorraine, and I always sing parodies of songs to her and I've sung this to her before I even saw it! There's also have you ever seen Lorraine and somewhere over Lorraine bow.

For a Russian history lover, this is amazing xD<<<woo! Who doesn't Russian history?

english language is hard

English beats up other languages in dark alleys.then rifles through their pockets for loose grammar and spare vocabulary.