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Minnie Woolsey AKA Koo Koo the bird girl photographed by Harry Atwell in Chicago in 1922 during Barnum & Bailey tour.

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Incredible Photos of the Real People Who Inspired American Horror Story: Freak Show | moviepilot.com

American Horror Story Freak Show: Photos Of The Real Life Inspiration

16 Real Life Side Show Workers That Probably Inspired "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

Mignon the Penguin Girl and Earl Davis the Frog Boy

Mickey Mignon, "The Penguin Lady" and her husband, Earl Davis, "Hoppy The Frog Boy" married in 1950 after years of success on the sideshow circuit.

Josephene Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman, was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868.

Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman Myrtle's extra legs belonged to her dipygus twin sister. Myrtle worked for P. Barnum and Ringling Bros and often dressed her extra feet in shoes and stockings. Myrtle later married a doctor and had five children.

Blanche Dumas was born on the Caribbean island of Martinique in 1860, to a French father and a biracial mother. She had a third leg attached to her sacrum, and her two primary legs were said to be imperfectly developed. The third leg was without a mobile joint but had a bend in it where the knee would have been. Her pelvis was wider than normal and she had double genitalia as well as a duplicate bowel and bladder. To the right of her middle leg was the stump of another limb; it's unknown at…

Not long after Blanche Dumas and Juan Baptista dos Santos met in Paris, where she worked as a high-class courtesan, they embarked on an affair, making love with the ferocity only a couple with two penises and two vaginas could muster.

polydactyly - Google-søgning

This poor chinese boy has 31 fingers, he got 15 fingers and 16 toes. it’s much more than the normal people. this poor Chinese boy would br.

Creepy little girl with imaginary friend in pond reflection. Great picture to print out and frame for Halloween!

Funny pictures about Creepy Reflection. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Reflection. Also, Creepy Reflection photos.

PT Barnum and friends- I rest my case. (See quote I just pinned)

Barnum's General Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton) marriage to Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump 10 February with bridesmaid Minnie her sister and 'Commodore' Nutt as best man.

Oh. This is very unfortunate. And very scary. | 16 Vintage Photos Guaranteed To Creep You Out

weirdvintage: “Alice E. Doherty was born in 1887 with a rare genetic mutation called “hypertrichosis”, or “werewolf syndrome”, which causes excessive body hair. She was billed as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”. At birth, she was covered all over in.

proper creepy ventriloquist dummies

Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies. Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies.

So-Called 'Freaks' That Will Terrify Your Circus Experience

the lovely but armless Frances O'Connor (sometimes billed as the living Venus de Milo). Photo from the film Freaks, 1932

bearded lady (if I had a beard I'd put little bows in it I think, pretty pretty!)

The Bearded Lady. Another original character used in the American Horror Story " Freak Show" series.