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Thanks Borges for making me think of the world -- French -- Mime. This is adorable mime makeup. Someone give me a reason to Mime-up!

Homemade Wordplay Costume Ideas - Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Unusual Halloween Costumes Based on Puns and Wordplays - Holy Cow, Eye Pod...


Moulin Rouge - hair and make up {victory rolls but have length with unpolished curls, HAT}.

scary hula hoop clown

Horror Clown Taken from a circus themed promo shoot for MC Racy A support character for the main subject who was a Ring Master.

From the ’80s to the ’90s with a lot of punnery in between, here are ONE HUNDRED DIY COUPLES COSTUMES to get you inspired for Halloween.

120 Creative DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

KLF, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm kind of seeing Ryann al over this

Zombie makeup ideas and detailed instructions on how to create your living dead look, with a Walking Dead makeup tutorial. Get your dead on this Halloween!(How To Make Dress Room)