Inexpensive DIY Photo Gallery Wall PLUS Gallery Wall Inspiration & Ideas.

DIY Photo Gallery Wall

metal wrapped tv screens - Google Search

I could live with a TV in my living room if it was wrapped in this.

Frame it TV disguise

Clever Ways to Disguise a TV

OMG I love this and I don't even have a wall mount TV - YET! :-) Framing in a wall mount TV tutorial. (or just build a rustic picture frame!

photo e3fc725ba337165a34fbff88d2dc7c57.jpg

Gallery Wall made up of Black & White framed art & photos, arranged leaning against 3 different shelves. Great way to display your artwork/photos!

Grand Design: Search results for husband

Tv console out of salvaged wood scaffolding. Grand Design: How to search Craigslist and a media console

An asymmetrical gallery wall loaded with inspirational sayings, family initials, graphic sketches and giraffes brings lightness and fun to this eclectic playroom. Retro locker-inspired cabinets almost disappear against the white wall, keeping the space from feeling too busy.

HGTV shares this eclectic playroom with a gallery wall including inspirational sayings, graphic sketches, family initials and a TV.