arrow tattoo design - Google zoeken

Live as if you were to die Tomorrow — I’m getting the arrow and Gallifreyan text tattoo.

Tiny Wave Tattoo

Tiny Wave Tattoo

Minimal tattoos seem to be the current trend for those who love tattoos and they're great for those who want a tattoo, but don't want to make too much of a big commitment.


Love this delicate linework tattoo, its placement, shape and peaceful design. By Sacha Footev.

Hot quote tattoo for girls #tattoo

The sign of a TRUE crazy cat lady. Run, gentlemen. As fast as you can. Unless you also are a crazy cat person.

peony tattoo on the back

I love the "Louvre" look of this --- super traditional mixed with super modern

Good Luck Tattoos For Women 51 cute and impressive elephant tattoo ...

Love elephants & the trunk MUST be up for good luck. The line work is too thick & pretty sloppy on this one, but I like the general idea. Plus, I'd add lots of colors. - would totally get this for my mommy because she loves good luck and elephants.