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Poor Thor. Heimdall won't open the Bifrost!

If only loki was drawn trapped inside. "I am Loki, of freezer, and I am burdened…

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Owl and cat buddies for life

This awesome video of a baby tiger who found an unusual friendship with an adorable German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is living proof that love and friendship have no boundaries! When his mom abandoned him, this baby tiger named Hunter found a friend in Chelsea the German Shorthaired pointer puppy. Watch the video and see the unusual friendship of a baby …

(Video) Watch And See As This Baby Tiger Made An Unusual Friendship With An Adorable German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Hunter, a seven-week-old tiger, plays with Chelsea, a ten-week-old German pointer puppy at The Farm Inn in Pretoria, South Africa Picture: Greatstock/Barcroft Media

Brushie, brushie

Brushie, brushie

Brushing a bat with a tooth brush. The bat looks confused and batman doesn't care. Cause he's batman.

Batman Hates 'Call Me Maybe' WIN!

Batman Hates "Call Me Maybe"

Batman Hates 'Call Me Maybe'. I love Batman. and I love that he hates that song that i love to hate.

Super selfies by Superman, Batman and iron man i feel like iron man would have hulk to take it for him

Super Selfies…

Funny pictures about Super Selfies. Oh, and cool pics about Super Selfies. Also, Super Selfies.

Multi-functional loft transforms a small condo into a dynamic space

Multi-functional loft transforms a small condo into a dynamic space