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I love my best friend and we've had a snowball fight a lot of times before so check :)

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Curl up with someone special and watch the snow fall. (If it would snow, I could actually accomplish this!

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Let me just say that this does sound cute- but coming from someone who WAS stuck in a REAL blizzard for over 9 hours. it would not be fun. Perhaps being "stuck at home during a blizzard with the one i love" would be cute.

Looks like me and Mireya have something to do! (;

Went on a family cruise when i was in grade and my parents let me bring my best friend at the time, who was like a sister. It was so fun! Now that she's gone, I treasure those memories!

With my traveling sisters and my boys

The Hollywood Sign, definitely the first must-see for any first time visitor. Location ~ Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills. Viewable from several areas throughout the city.

I saw them!!!!!! As the plane was descending into Iceland, I saw them dancing in the sky!

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

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I have always wanted to go on a road trip and how fun it would be with a group of my friends! Pick a destination and lets ride!

<3 I hope this happens without me knowing it. I'm afraid if I were to find out, I would quit striving to do so.

This is my number one goal in life: become inspirational. I want to make a difference. I want a legacy when I die. I want people to look back on my life with a smile.

This seems easy but it's really hard to write every day. #bucketlist

Start a diary and write in it every day. I tried to do this several times, but ended up giving up after awhile. One day I'll manage to stop being so lazy and start a diary that I'll actually write in at least once a day.

Go on a road trip to Canada

Already did the Vancouver B. Must do a real Canada road trip and see Toronto, Calgary, Montreal - so many Canadian cities to visit!

Ok ive done this a couple times. Once with @Hannah Noonkester  i cant believe i remember that haha!

Would love to go out at night and watch the stars and meteor shower whilst snuggled in a blanket with that special person.

Chopsticks | bucket list #65

I've been eating sushi with a fork and finally learned how to use chopsticks at the end of December in

and probably live there.... I <3 AUSTRALIA

sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney ~ Dory

Always wanted to do this.

So wanna do this. just be like "k guys I'm going to be gone for a few days on a spontaneous road trip you wanna come!

It's my responsibility to see this place, even if my heart will break in the process.  I believe that's true for all of us.  Never forget what man can do if given enough power & hate...

Bucket List: Visit Auschwitz or a different concentration camp. See history with my own eyes.