French apple tart illustrated recipe art print. Pumpkin soup illustrated recipe watercolor painting by Etsy artist 'Lucile's Kitchen'. Typographically too complex. ie: needs to be more SIMPLE for little kids to follow. Illustrative style is very unlike mine but idea of an instructional poster is very inspiring ie: combines many of my loves. I could push my illustrative style with a series of these by incorporating character design. (viewed 11/8)

French apple tart illustrated recipe art print - Food poster - Kitchen decor - Watercolor fruit - Orange Green Apple pie illustration none

Cartoon Cooking

Cartoon Cooking: Almendritas o sí Salted roasted peeled almonds healthy snack!

custom illustrated recipe

if it is possible to make guacamole even more appealing, swiss cottage designs has succeeded!

MAKE SOME JAM – prep at least 500g of whatever fruit you like, add an equal amount of sugar, pectin is optional though it helps the mixture thicken up, heat until it's an even consistency and spoon into clean jars & seal. #Jam done!

spring clean part 2: DIY natural cleaning