I've met a lot of really cool, successful and interesting people, especially while on this journey and I always have the same question for them: what inspires you? More times than not, it's either ...

3 Mantras to Get You Through Anything

Steven Alan shirt, A.P.C shorts, Saltwatersandals, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag

Ray-Ban sunglasses, Steven Alan shirt, A.C shorts, Saltwater sandals, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton handbag

rayban sunglasses, woven belt & salt water sandals :)

Don't think my 3 x operated knee, skateboard smashed shins and awkward face would suit this, but cute!

The Kooples Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Wood Wood Shorts, Saltwater Sandals Sandals, Longchamp Bag

Trini Gonzalez - The Kooples Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Wood Shorts, Saltwater Sandals, Longchamp Bag - Summer 2013


A feminine but relaxed sun dress is perfect. Photography by Richard Truscott via Klein Photographen.

SanSun Vintage Surfer SALT WATER SANDALS in by sugarshackvintage

wanted for every summer * sun salt water sandals. Had to get a pair every summer for water sports from walking in fountains to creeks.