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Tumblr Stuff #26--sorry for the language but I just couldn't let it pass by(nootella)

Tumblr Stuff #26

Died after "hazelnoots".omg you got roasted like a hazelnoot omg I died

A guy that used to be in my class in 6th grade wore crocs

I'm transferring English love affair into sheet music so I can play it on my sax andI'm doing excited. >>>>>>> wtf does that have to do with this post

Yep totally gonna do that!

Winged eyeliner is a gorgeous makeup look that is also really hard to achieve. Here are 19 struggles of getting perfect winged liner every girl gets.

Affix a party popper to your kid's bedroom door.

Affix a party popper to your kid’s bedroom door. 31 Awesome April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For