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Robin And Kirby by BloodnSpice.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I am happy Robin got so many votes Robin And Kirby

Adventure Begins by Fonora.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Adventure Begins by Fonora on Deviantart - Doctor Who meets Portal (I want to write a fanfiction about this!

Roy is confused

im Ruba and this is where i'll be posting my doodles, prompts are welcome but i may not always draw.

Ike and Kirby. lol <--- Ike hates these so much.

Ike and Kirby. So cute I wanted to play the game that marth is on but its japanese I think

Kirby stealing all the food

Final Smash-related print for Genesis Probably the one I enjoyed the most working on mainly for the fact that I just rather doodle antics that Kirby goes through (along with Marth).

True Love Brawls

I'm pretty sure this was a gag about Kirby and Link fighting over Zelda, and then Zelda turning into Sheik, but this comic captures the fighting game aspect well, while still being visually stunning.