niall horan, too cute for words

He is the sweetest thing ever! this is why i love him soo much

this has taken quite a lot of thought, but I think I have decided (temporarily): Love you Goodbye > Infinity > End of the Day > Perfect > History > Drag Me Down .. but honestly I love them all, and they're all super close together, but I'm indecisive so hey hey

Literally me, put me on a stage in front of people and I'm totally chill in my element, but put me in front of a camera and interview me and I'm pretty shy!

I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT. ima buy the movie, and watch the damn movie like 5421255423542 times

I love these guys :D one of my fave parts of the trailer. My other faves are everything else.

#neverforget20131dmemories Niall!

>>> I love louis in the background in the pic in the bottom left corner

Niam is super cute <333 I watch this over and over again. Louis and Niall are the bestest

One Direction - Niall distracting Liam during his solo in Last First Kiss. July 2013 at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania USA. All the boys are sitting together and Niall and Louis are messing around throughout the whole song

Niall, can I just ask you why? Why are you in leggings? Not just any leggings, no. Leggings with Miley's face on them. Why?

I fangirled for literally 30 minutes when I first saw it.