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Spirit of Aloha    Anne loves Hawaiian islands and their culture and she requested a tattoo to embody this love and respect she feels.    It was designed for the left arm as it is closer to the heart and more related to feelings, with a wavy flow to recall the waves.    The spirit of Aloha is sometimes explained with an acronymic phrase:  A for ala (watchfulness): we used [...]

Island, tropical, ocean tattoo, flowers would need to be better.probably would add starfish. Somehow add waves

levocidellanotte.forumfree.it.......... (stabilità), disposti in modo da ricordare un sole (eternità, maschile) ed una luna (mutamento, femminile) per richiamare l´idea degli opposti che si uniscono, dell´unità del tutto. Un koru indica vita, nuovo inizio.

Ātaahua Hibiscus flowers represent beauty, femininity and the "island vibe", that easy-going way of living that seems to be so natural on Pacific islands. The frangipani again represents beauty and shelter.

Hawaiian sympathy card.   "A hui hou" = "Until we meet again"

A hui hou. Until we meet again in Hawaiian. Hawaiians don't believe in saying final goodbyes, they say this instead. Perfect for our Hawaiian tattoo!

Tribal Doberman Tattoo | Publié le 27/06/2011 à 14:42 par dragonfantasy Tags : fleur tribal

The tribal tattoo when mixed with flowers give enhancing look to the flower tribal tattoo designs, the whole design itself.

Maori Tattoos for girls (29)

The reinvention of few designs has given the tattooing art a twist. There are a range of tattooists who is specializing in Maori Tattoo Designs for Women.