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DIY modern perforated christmas trees: uses simple paper mache cones found at the craft store, drill a few holes (sand them a bit as needed) and spray paint white. Set a LED tealight (battery operated) under the cone for the lit up effect!

Brass Flamingo Object

Brass Flamingo Object


Disney Christmas Snowglobe Musical 13 Characters Mickey Minnie Holiday Decor New

Disney Illuminated Christmas Snow Globe I want this so bad. I collect snow globes and I would just love to have a Disney one

Christmas Mason Jars    Inspiration from:

Christmas Mason Jars This might work too if it's a square jar and small so it can be laid on it's side and won't roll.

Disney Personalized Cinderella Snowglobe | Disney StorePersonalized Cinderella Snowglobe - Make Disney Princess dreams come true with our Personalized Cinderella Snowglobe. Cinderella and her Prince Charming are a perfect fit. Jaq and Gus look on in admiration as their ''Cinderelly'' prepares to try on the fateful glass slipper.

Overseas Limited Not Available in Japan Disney figure character goods shop Magic Castle - Prince and Disney Snow Globe "Cinderella & Prince" Cinderella

Upside down glass decoration

Christmas Candle Holder Snow Globe Visit the Dollar Store for everything you will need could do these for various occasions