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Lakota knife and sheath

Lakota knife and sheath

"Mid-Layers: This is where you want to wear your substantial, bulky wool sweaters. This is the 1st layer you'll shed as temps increase or you switch to athletic activities. Warmth-to-weight and warmth-to-bulk count most here, you want the warmest possible mid-layer with the least amount of size and weight. Over base layers, add a form-fitting Merino Wool sweater, a heavy duty wool sweater and then a down vest. Switching between the three allows me to deal with changing insulation needs."

How To Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside

I& constantly shocked by how many people don& know the basics of dressing for warmth in the outdoors. Even more people aren& equipped with the basics for sleeping warmly on a cold night. It& all simple and cheap, read this and make no more excuses.