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No Time for Pants by snowzapped on DeviantArt

Only Justice! That's how the scaly panties became tradition. No Time for Pants

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I genuinely don't know what part of this is my favorite: big brother Jason, him irritating the living day lights out of all three of his brothers (especially the younger ones), or him willing putting a flower crown on his head to do so to Damian.

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Sometimes the Batkids convince Alfred to let them stay up until Bruce gets home from patrol. He lets them because he knows they’ll all pass out way before he does (◡‿◡✿)

Batman pat at his son Damien (Talia's son)'s head. Damien was holding Baby Terry McGinnis, Helena Wayne (Selena Kyle's daughter), Tallant Wayne (Talia's son) and Bruce Wayne.

NO BUTTS NO GLORY — missed my boyss

NO BUTTS NO GLORY — missed my boyss