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Green Lantern and the Justice League of America -Illustration: by Neeraj Menon (JLA/DC)

“BOTTLED LIGHT” part five! Trapped and collected by Larfleeze, the Green Lantern Corps’ only hope is Hal Jordan and White Lantern Kyle Rayner-but can these two heroes save their friends before they all become playthings to the Avatar of Avarice?

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Who set off a watchman cover by Neal Adams! The iconic "GL" artist spoofs his cover introducing John Stewart (gruesomely) in this variant as "Green Lantern" Jordan in issue 45 faces the Black Hand (and Jordan is "black handed" himself these days).

Resultado de imagen para flash injustice

An absolute treasure trove of Injustice: Gods Among Us concept art, created by Justin Murray. It also includes costume and character designs for DC Comics' Killer Frost, Raven, and Catwoman.