love the lavender braids

Rose when she's a few years older, probably Only a possibility, but she might turn into a bit of a hipster goth as time goes on. Still quite the indie/flower child, for now though!

© Cyarin

Fluffy hair~ Something from earlier today. Gotta prepare prints~~ I also just finished some things I can't wait for you guys to see! I can't share the details yet but it turned out great!

"Aaaand a little bit of a throwback... Still not quite sure if I made the top one in 2013 or 2012, but holy... Practise and dedication is all it takes, tbh…"

"Aaaand a little bit of a throwback. Still not quite sure if I made the top one in 2013 or but holy. Practise and dedication is all it takes, tbh…" This is by itslopez she's a great artist and you see that you improve if you don't give up

Gen never wanted to be like the crowd. When she was the Twins age she went to the grocery store and bought a packet of flavored drink in green and some bleach and became someone else.

TWO ROTTEN APPLES. Rita's super handsome boy Kai and my obnoxious clown, Aeric. :Y They're bffs~ About Aeric himself, his full name is Aeric Liska, he's and his greatest passion (besides stirri.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor itslopez drawings

Itslopez is a very talented artist who creates expressive characters with beautiful style. I love the organic sketchy feel she captures even in her digital work.

(can't remember the artist :( )

Karoline Pietrowski: “ A self-portrait for my new printed portfolio. ” Uses copic sketch markers, watercolros & digital design.

IV | Ivy ; Robin ; Alex ;  chaos / destruction / carnality

Commission for the amazing trippinsanity! One of her lovely OC’s Angie :D I really enjoyed drawing this one, so much attitude! Long red streaks in her hair and red lips, can’t go wrong!